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Why blog?

It’s back to work, but I’m determined to make time to witter on Wednesdays with Sarah Miles at Hello Wall.

I was thinking about why I blog?  First and foremost I enjoy putting my stories and thoughts down, rather than leaving them to whizz around my head.  For me it is about writing when things strike me, or if nothing does, then I write about what’s been happening in our little world.  With friends overseas and others scattered far and wide, and not near enough for a regular coffee (Costa, of course), it’s a great way to stay in touch.  This site may not get lots of “hits”, but equally I don’t send out updates on twitter and facebook.  That said, I don’t mind.  I’m not a writer and I don’t pretend to be.  This is my blog, for me and it gives me a “Bit of Me Time”.


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Back to the 80s?

As I settle down to witter on a Wednesday, courtesy of Hello Wall, I see that a friend on Facebook tells me that Dallas has returned to our screens, with the same Bobby, same JR and same Sue Ellen (all looking rather older and stretched).

So, in only five minutes Bobby has been told he has cancer, his son, Christopher is now the “energy tycoon” who has been discovered making out in the tennis locker room with his fiance by an older neighbour, then of course there is friction between JR Jnr and Bobby Jnr – so it really will be the same old thing, just a generation younger; and I’m sure they are going to fight over the same girl.  However I’ll not bore you with a blow by blow account.

My plea to the writers is that they come up with new story lines – they’ve done the one when one of the character wakes up after a bad dream, in which he had died (which was basically wiping out the whole of the last series); I can’t imagine there will be the hype of “who shot JR” (either junior or senior); and can the family stay together without “Mama” at the helm.  Only will time will tell.

I am left wondering which other telly series from the 80s that might be revived – Dynasty, Howard’s Way, Cagney and Lacey, Blankety Blank, Blind Date, Fame, Cheers, Miami Vice, Dukes of Hazard.  Personally, I’m not convinced about any of these, in my opinion they have had their day.  Although there are a couple of programmes that have survived the years – Countdown and Only Fools and Horses.

Whether I remember to watch Dallas next week remains to be seen.  I am sure that I will be tuning into The Accused, Masterchef, Miranda, and (soon) Strictly Come Dancing – to name a few.


It’s party time

It’s a Wednesday Witter linky with Hello Wall.

This Wednesday is party time.  When we moved four years ago we had a housewarming.  We are lucky enough to have a large garden (almost a field) and we made good use of it by filling it with children during the afternoon and our friends during the evening.  It faces South West, so the light was beautiful and it was a definite success.

So a year later, we thought, let’s do this again.  It rained and rained and rained.  Husband was under a gazebo with the BBQ and everyone else was huddled inside.  Friends rang to ask if we were going ahead, “of course” we said, and a few more squashed in.  The rain stopped as the last person left.

The next couple of years had better weather conditions, and so to this year.  We’ve watched the forecast, rain, heavy rain, heavy rain and more rain.  Yesterday it was forecast light rain, with some sun!  This morning the forecast is not so good.  We’ll do a sun dance and hope that helps.

Then there’s the house to clear and food to organise.  With it being a bit of an “open house” and not getting a “full house” of RSVPs, we’re never sure exactly who to expect!  So it’s a simple fare with donations in the forms of bottles welcome.  Most importantly, it’s a chance to catch up with friends before the madness of the school term is upon us.

This photo was taken this morning after returning from Jodie’s walk, even she was not happy to be outside in such a deluge.  Perfect weather for a BBQ I’d say?!!  One friend asked if we are taking the British Approach to the party or doing the sensible thing (ie cancel).  A) we are not sensible and B) we are British!  The party is on.

So it’s fingers crossed for some better, drier weather and I’m off to tidy, sort and shop…..


What? Wednesday again, already?

How can a whole week go by so quickly?  It’s a Wednesday witter day so join Sarah Miles’ great linky at Hello Wall.

Last week left me very sad and blue, as one of my greatest friends moved overseas.  Yesterday, we had a skype conversation and lots of Facebook chat, and all is, not surprisingly, going really well for them.  I spent the remainder of the day with a silly grin on my face.

On Friday we went to a great campsite not too far away, where life slows down and everything is chilled – particularly the wine.  We arrived mid-afternoon, found a patch and set up camp.  Daughter was a little sad as she did not find a best friend immediately, and Son, who is more shy, hung around us a bit as we put the tent up.  We do “camping by loan” and borrow a tent, cooker, and a couple of tables, but have now invested in our own BBQ.  (Not quite as clean as this one anymore).

Once the tent was up, and I returned from the playground and wood collecting with the children, Husband said that there was one thing he had forgotten – our sleeping bags!  Just his and mine.  He’s a geographer and said that he did not think the temperature would drop, so we decided to give it a go, after all we did have the picnic rug.  Unfortunately the temperature dropped more than the geographer thought, and in the early hours, feeling decidedly cold, I suggested he drove home (just over one hour) to go and get them!  Our other slight problem was that the car was parked up a slight incline and on the other side of a very muddy patch – in short – not very accessible. However we survived the night, and the next day, Husband returned home to collect them!  The next night was wonderfully warm and full of sleep!

During the days, we took life at a gentle slow pace and had fun on the beach,with lots of others and another day travelling by steam train and being on top of the world, well top of the castle.

We had sunny days and cool evenings around the campfire, fish and chips, picnics and lots of family time – my favourite.  I also loved being so far away from all the chores!

Today, it’s back to work for me for the reminder of the week, so I can not put off reality any longer!  Hope you’ve all had a happy Wednesday.


Fond farewell

It’s Wednesday, it’s a witter and today it’s a Weepy Wednesday Witter as part of Sarah Miles’ linky at Hello Wall.  I have just waved off one of my greatest friends and her family as they head off to Kuala Lumpur on an adventure.  She and her husband have both got teaching jobs out there.

They have stayed with us for the last two nights and that’s been brilliant, we had a wonderful time including a night bike ride and coffee and croissants in the village shop.  All the children get on really well and we will miss them – terribly.  Their home has always been our second home, they are our extended family.

Husband is taking them to the airport, but I can not cope with nearly two hours in a minibus, knowing that at the end is “goodbye, good luck and stay in touch”.  So I’ve stayed with the children at home and we waved from the doorstep, not that I could see too well, as the tears streamed down my face.  She has been my life-line over the years…  as a friend, confider, and keeping me sane; as well as a second mother to our children.  We will miss them all so much, and I’m feeling very lost right now.

They have a fantastic experience awaiting them and I have to admit to be quite jealous too. They have decided to leave these shores to gain a better quality of life.   His job does not include weekends, so they will have a much greater amount of family time, having a maid is “the norm” and so she will be able to work full time as well, giving them more money, and local flights will be cheap, so they can explore and travel.

I wish them the best of luck and will be counting down the days until they return next summer!  Bon voyage my amazing friends.



It’s Wednesday, so I’m wittering as part of Sarah Miles‘ great linky “Wednesday Witter”.

We’ve had a great time so far this holidays, we’ve got Daughter cycling along the road, and Son on the pavement, we’ve been 10 pin bowling with great friends, been to two weddings, lots of parties (for all ages) and some family gatherings.  Also some swimming, dog walking and generally hanging out.

Then of course  there is watching lots of the Olympics on telly.  We are loving it and it is quite common for all four of us to be jumping up and down when another gold is won by Team GB!  For all the doom and gloom in the press before the Olympics started, and the “we’ll never match up to Beijing’s opening ceremony” comments etc, I think London 2012 is fantastic.  As if Danny Boyle would produce something mediocre, and as I write this we have 22 gold medals, 13 silver and 13 bronze.  Go Team GB!

The holidays are a far cry from the term time rush, when we are all whizzing around simply trying to keep up.  I’m delighted to say that my constant search for “more time” is on hold until next month.

Loving the holidays!

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Wednesday Witter – delayed #2

Well, its Wednesday and I’m wittering (at least it was Wednesday when I started this post).

This is a great idea by Sarah Miles at Hello Wall, although I seem to be joining in a rather ad hoc way, and only managing to do this every other week.  The holidays are a time when I swap the busy days of living by the clock, to some “family time”, which means that I’m less likely to sit down with the laptop.

In the last couple of weeks’ we’ve had parties, weddings and visitors.  All brilliant.  The parties were held in glorious sunshine, the weddings in slightly mixed weather and plans with friends had to change to a more indoor option!

I have also managed to get back to the swimming lessons on a Wednesday evening.  I missed about six weeks of lessons, so last week was a shock to the system.  The lessons are adult improvers, but in reality, they seem to attract people who are training for triathlons (ie younger and fitter than me!).  So a six week break is definitely not advisable for the older, unfit swimmer.  We do sprint lengths, lengths just using legs or arms, and (my nightmare) swim as many lengths as possible in 8 mins.  Last week we also swam 4 lengths of doggy paddle – my arms took most of the week to recover.  It is much harder than it sounds – you should try it sometime!


Wednesday Witter #1

Well, its Wednesday and I’m wittering.  What a great idea by Sarah Miles at Hello Wall.  I’ve not joined in with a linky before, so this is first for me.  In my hesitation, I missed the very first week, and am now wondering about a topic to witter about.  I thought about, the weather (of course), door-to-door salesmen, school holidays, children, dogs, and can only conclude that a combination will be too much.

So here goes – school holidays.  In the last week, I’ve started my holidays, Husband, Daughter and Son having broken up a week before me.  Whilst they have eight weeks off, I work part-time in the holidays and full time in term time.  We therefore have a “map” of the holiday weeks, and please forgive me when I say, they never seem to be long enough *squirm*.  It always amazes me how the time does fly, we always aim to have lots of days at home just being together, and then visit a few friends, family, get the shoe and uniform shopping done, haircuts booked, dentist etc and suddenly find ourselves returning to work all too soon. *squirms again*

So this year, our plans are simple – hang around for some sunshine and then head to the beach, campsite and days out, with the rest of the country.  Only time will tell as to whether this is a good plan, or a disaster.

We have started well.  Last Sunday we visited Sealife, which was fantastic and wet (but no rain drops in sight) and then the beach, in the sunshine (yes, really).  We hope that our luck will continue this weekend, on Friday we are off to a Forestry Commission in Surrey, armed with bikes, picnic (and hopefully no recorders! – no offence Sarah).  On Saturday and Sunday are filled with parties, that due to their size, need to outside – so please forgive me if Fri, Sat and Sun are non-stop rain, just because we have planned outdoor activities.. Time will tell.