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My favourite ingredient – Waitrose

This is the current “show and tell” topic from Sarah Miles’ linky on her blog What Would Nigella Do?.

My favourite ingredient is “Waitrose”!  You’ve guessed it, I’m not chef.  I enjoy cooking, but I find deciding what to cook on a daily basis a bit of a bore.  Husband does much more of the “entertaining” cooking, and I do the day-to-day meals, however Daughter and Son are both getting very fussy, so whatever I put on the table is always met with grumbles!  The exception seems to be pizza and pasta, and maybe I should give them pizza or pasta for every meal, and see how long it takes before they beg for something else!

Hence Waitrose is my favourite ingredient and will always be my shop of choice – the quality is extremely good and I can always be tempted by the many yummy goodies that they sell.  Not forgetting the little green disks, that are perfect bribery to keep children, so that they can choose which box to drop them into!  I am their perfect customer in the way I can so easily be tempted!


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My favourite celebrity chef(s) – Jamie and Nigella

This blog is a Show and Tell, started by Sarah Miles and her blog What Would Nigella Do?  I am playing “catch up” as this is the second week’s topic, and I’ve missed the link again!

This week is “favourite celebrity chef” and I have to say I’m not particularly loyal to one chef.  When I left home I was packed off with the complete book of Delia Smith, which is certainly well-thumbed.  Since then, I’ve done my own thing, copied from friends, but never found one chef that I’d always turn to.  Now I have two favourites – Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson, although when I get my hands on Lisa Faulkner’s book, I think she’ll be up there too.

I love the way Jamie Oliver cooks, a lug of this and that, bunch of herbs etc, and I always enjoyed watching his programmes on the telly.  I have found his recipes easy to follow and the results never disappointing.  In some cases I do add more of the spices for my taste; for instance his fish pie in”Ministry of Food” is really yummy with a bit of chilli added (an idea “borrowed” from my sister-in-law).   I am also a great fan of what he has has done for school meals, in practical terms, as well as raising awareness.

A close second is Nigella Lawson, whose “Nigella Express” is another well used book.  I love the way she seems to chat in her recipes, my favourite of this being Nutella Pancakes – where the pancakes are bought and it’s very easy to make, however as she says “I long for this pudding almost constantly, and it is not good that it is so easy to make, not good at all”.   Also I find her recipes very tasty, and very easy to follow – with simple steps and not heaps of ingredients.  I now have the confidence to use friends as “guinea pigs” and do not need to try them out in advance.

Now that I am up to date – bring on the next one Sarah….!


My favourite kitchen gadget – Uli Chopper

This blog is a “Show and Tell”, started by Sarah Miles and her blog What Would Nigella Do?  She has introduced this linky to give us a chance to share some of our culinary favourites.  I like the fact that I can “show and tell” just like Daughter and Son.  Unfortunately I have missed the earlier links, so will add this to the next one.

The subject is my favourite kitchen gadget, and I think I’d better start with explaining the name.  In our house we call this gadget an “Uli Chopper”, after someone my husband knew.  Mr Uli Holland, is German(!), and sailed with Husband, and his father, many moons ago.  Uli had a chopper just like this, which is how it got it’s name.  This one is made by Pampered Chef, and I have to admit I ‘m a bit of a fan of Pampered Chef.

I know it’s not the biggest or the best kitchen gadget, but it chops everything I need it to, and if you’ve had a bad day, it’s the best way to take out your frustration.  With the soft base on it, you can chop nuts, otherwise, it’s great for onion, chillies, herbs etc.  The blade spins round slowly with each chop, which is why it is so brilliant.