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Going down

A quick post, to say really, that the downsizing has hit a bit of a snag – I’m hungry, we’ve had visitors and the wine and yummy food has been flowing….

Monday is a new week, back to work and I think I need to make sure I write  down EVERYTHING, rather than “forgetting” a couple of bits here and there…..



5:2, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Atkins or whatever!

OK, so I need to lose a few pounds, and I’m not alone.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers and was successful, but now I’m full time at work, getting to the meetings is very tricky.

As with many people I’ve heard all about the 5:2 diet and have been reading up about it.  There are articles which are very pro the diet, and some that have concerns.  In very simple terms it seems that lots of protein can speed up your body’s cells like a  “fast car”, but fasting, or seriously reducing calories twice a week, give’s your body a chance to slow down and repair.

So, all those years ago when the Atkins diet was “the thing” and carbohydrates became the evil food and was avoided by millions.  My thoughts at the time were that you should not ban an entire food group.  Yes, I am slimmer, more energetic and less lethargic without carbs, but I don’t avoid them.calorie counting

Last week, my “downsizing” attempt took a turn for the worst and I was 2lbs heavier!  Very disappointing after only a couple of weeks, but a 7th birthday party, 2 cakes and 2 parties certainly counted against me.  Now that I feel a little disgruntled with the whole calorie counting idea, I’ve been digging around to find out more about the 5:2 diet.

Currently, I’m sitting on the fence.  I just don’t think I like the advice of when it’s a fasting day you eat half a ready meal for lunch and the other half for supper – it makes me feel hungry just thinking about it.  That’s not much food.  However, my great pal is attempting it and has some cunning ways to make it a bit easier.  There is definitely the 5p’s (proper preparation prevents poor performance) about it and I would need to plan the fasting days carefully.  I also have my Weight Watchers experience of “fuller for longer” to help me out too.  On the plus side, it does seem easy and I would not miss the constant weighing and counting that is an every day occurrence.

If anyone has any experience or views, then I’m interested to hear them.  Until them, I’ll carry on as I am and maybe. just maybe take the leap into 5:2….

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Going down

Yipeee – half a stone lighter.   There are still the days when it is harder than others, and the ones when I have to sit on my hands to avoid the temptation of tucking into the kid’s leftovers or other yummy food.  I have managed to turn down pain au chocolat, shortbread, a cream egg and leftovers; but then I’ve given in to home made chocolate brownies!!

Last time when I attempted to shed the pounds I joined Weight Watchers, and I was successful, but found that when I could no longer attend the meetings, the weight crept back on.  Something about having someone else confirm your weight every week, made me turn down the extras.  This time I’m counting calories and going it alone, with the help of a friend.  I do miss the “free foods” allowed in Weight Watchers that you don’t get with calorie counting.  However, the reason I did not rejoin Weight Watchers, was that I’d rather spend the £11 or so a month on myself, not them!calories

My philosophy is based on two main points: 1) that I won’t say no to something if I really want it.  I just adjust what else I eat during that day or the following day, or increase the exercise; and 2) I only weigh myself once a week, as my weight yo-yos daily.

Today I’d like to thank my great mate in KL, who when we skyped a few hours ago, one of her first comments was how I’d lost weight – a friend for life!

I still have a way to go, but it’s happening slowly, and I’m accepting that being (a little) older and now less active (full time desk job), that I really can’t munch away all day long!  Shame.

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Downsizing in 2013

It’s January again, and the same old question springs to mind – should I have a New Year’s Resolution?  I have had them in the past – losing weight, being more tidy, getting fit; a lot of the usual ones, but I’ve never kept them.  Can 2013 be the year when I succeed?  I think I can, I have much better reasons for wanting to shed the excess weight this time, a friend alongside, and the knowledge that I can (because I’ve done it before).

No fads, just calorie counting, with an on-line tracter and food diary and a friend to share the good and bad days.  We both have our birthdays as our target dates and an ideal amount to lose between now and then.

For me, after two children, and working full time in a desk job, I’ve found it very difficult to get the “yummy mummy look”!!  Son now tells me regularly that “you have a “squiggy tummy Mummy”.  I have some valuable reasons to motivate me, which are, in no particular order – fed up with feeling bloated and slugglish, clothes not fitting, can’t keep up with children and am driven by the fact that I know by losing weight I’ll have more energy.

So, as from tomorrow, my aim is to be really sensible and good – no more finishing up the kids’ leftovers, snacking on breads and carbs or having that second glass of wine, which leads to more snacking.  I’ve managed to shed the pounds before and with a friend as support, I’m hopeful I won’t end up like this….