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Wow, what a day….

Get up and do stretches so that I’m not walking around like an 80 year old – CHECK

Get children dressed and through breakfast – CHECK

Change to plan B as Husband is not well.  Walk the dog (with reluctant children in tow) – CHECK

Frantically busy day at work, as four days’ worth of emails finally arrive in one go – CHECK

Collect children, get them supper’ed and into bed in one and a half hours – CHECK

Arrive almost on time to aqua aerobics – CHECK

Walk the dog – CHECK

Put the bins out – CHECK

Have a bath – CHECK

Sleep……..  smile




Inspired by “What would Nigella Do?”, I decided to try homemade pizza.  The children love pizza, but I do think that some of the supermarket ones taste more like cardboard, in my opinion.  So I rolled up my sleeves and had a go.  Unlike Sarah, I don’t have a Kitchenaid, so it was all done by hand.  I’ve never made bread or anything else along these lines, so it was a case of “have a go”.

The first one was made for a friend on his birthday, and I managed to split the mixture to feed the three of us the first night, and still leave enough for the children tonight.  I thought the first attempt was very “doughy tasting” and it seemed I’d done it right and used the right baking tin (not stoneware) so I suspected a little more cooking was in order.  However Husband and friend thought it was great, and we had some good toppings.

Tonight’s attempt, whilst was very bland in the toppings, cheese and tomato only, was I think cooked a little better and was almost there.  I do need to improve the art of “stretching” the pizza dough to the right size and shape for the tin and keeping it thin crust – but without the holes.  I think this will take a bit of practice.

Whilst I’d love to add a photo, there’s nothing left, which is a good sign and I’ll be making more in the future and hope to develop my technique and widen Daughter and Son’s tastes!   So thank you Sarah.

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