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As a family we enjoy going for a swim on a Sunday morning, then getting back for lunch.  It’s not always possible and Daughter and Son are always disappointed if we don’t go.

So this weekend we did.  Daughter has just been given some dive sticks, and where she used to be worried about going underwater, all she wants to do now is dive down and pick things up from the bottom of the pool.  Son is more of an excited puppy, endlessly jumping into the pool, saying “again again”!  He’s not so sure yet about swimming underwater.

It is always fun swimming with the children, it’s something they both love, and to see the way they are improving is wonderful.  We’re so lucky they are currently at the school we both work at, as we can pop over to the pool and watch their lessons occasionally.  I was impressed and proud the other week when I watched Daughter attempting front crawl; especially as I have only learnt the this stroke about three years ago.

Unfortunately this week I also learnt that swimming and sinusitis are not great pals – so I headed home early to prepare lunch!


Author: Sophie Adam

A mother of two, wife of one and a dog to complete the set. I work full time and spend my free hours making sure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is fun, chaotic, challenging and fast.. and I wouldn't change it.

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