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The meaning of Easter.

“Mummy, what has Jesus dying on the Cross got to do with bunnies and chocolate eggs?”

“Daughter, what has Jesus’ birth got to do with Father Christmas?”

“Nothing Mummy”.

“Exactly – so to answer your question – nothing”.

Happy Easter everyone – I’m off to find out more about bunnies and eggs…



Now, where did I put …..

the floor?  It’s somewhere near here, but I certainly can’t see much of it.  After a few weeks of children with bugs and the end of term in sight, the floor seems to have disappeared almost everywhere.  clean

So this weekend my main aim is to find it, hoover it and try to keep it clear for one week!  We have relatives dropping in next weekend so I have incentive and a time limit.  However, I’m starting off on the wrong foot by inviting a friend to drop in for coffee on Saturday morning and planning an outing for the children on Sunday morning!  Husband is currently down the “black hole” that is end of term rush, so I may well be resorting to TV childcare in order to crack on with the task in hand.

For now, I’m off to get ready for a night with the girls…. similar to last night – I’m on a roll.


Working Mother’s Guilt

I reckon I live life backwards when I plan which days the children can be ill, based on my working days, and when Husband has a half guiltday.  I ask myself where my priorities are and exactly on what am I basing my decisions.  The guilt of not putting my children first and then the guilt of letting my colleagues down.   The pull on my heartstrings when I know I’ve packed them off to school when they’re not quite right, just so that I can show up at work.  If only I didn’t work, I’d keep them at home – but really what else can I do?  The reasons I can come up with and the excuses are sometimes laughable.  Of course, seeing it written down like this, in black and white, it’s not a problem at all – of course I put my children first…

Then there is the debate with Husband, and at certain times it’s almost competitive about who gets to go to work (not who stays with the unwell children and takes good care of them!)  I regularly ask myself whether I should chuck it all in; the only problem is the knock-on effect on the mortgage!

I even keep a note of the extra hours worked so that if anyone tries to challenge me for being away from work because of children, although I work from home on these days, so that should not be a problem.

This is one of those weeks.  Daughter only just got through the day on Monday, and has been at home since Tuesday.  Son joined us mid-morning on Tuesday.  So I’ve running between two children who feel awful, need lots of cuddles and don’t really know what it is  they want (poor little things).  There’s the usual bed swapping during the night as they both need cuddles, books to be read after nightmares, drinks to get, honey for sore throats, medicines etc etc.

For me, it’s just so disheartening as we were in the very same boat three weeks’ ago.

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As a family we enjoy going for a swim on a Sunday morning, then getting back for lunch.  It’s not always possible and Daughter and Son are always disappointed if we don’t go.

So this weekend we did.  Daughter has just been given some dive sticks, and where she used to be worried about going underwater, all she wants to do now is dive down and pick things up from the bottom of the pool.  Son is more of an excited puppy, endlessly jumping into the pool, saying “again again”!  He’s not so sure yet about swimming underwater.

It is always fun swimming with the children, it’s something they both love, and to see the way they are improving is wonderful.  We’re so lucky they are currently at the school we both work at, as we can pop over to the pool and watch their lessons occasionally.  I was impressed and proud the other week when I watched Daughter attempting front crawl; especially as I have only learnt the this stroke about three years ago.

Unfortunately this week I also learnt that swimming and sinusitis are not great pals – so I headed home early to prepare lunch!


New Look

Well,  I’ve spent many hours trying to find a new look for the blog.  Today I found it, and I hope you like it.  The last look was very clean, black and white and had a photo of a local beach.  This photo, I should add, is not one of mine, if only….  Husband tells me it has a good example of a “tombolo” (the beachy bits between the island bits), he’s a geography teacher, what can I say.

Next month this blog will be one year old, and whilst it’s not receiving loads of hits, because I’m a little short of time and don’t publicise it, or make the most of it, I thought it should have a revamp.

Hope you like it.