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5:2, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Atkins or whatever!


OK, so I need to lose a few pounds, and I’m not alone.  I’ve tried Weight Watchers and was successful, but now I’m full time at work, getting to the meetings is very tricky.

As with many people I’ve heard all about the 5:2 diet and have been reading up about it.  There are articles which are very pro the diet, and some that have concerns.  In very simple terms it seems that lots of protein can speed up your body’s cells like a  “fast car”, but fasting, or seriously reducing calories twice a week, give’s your body a chance to slow down and repair.

So, all those years ago when the Atkins diet was “the thing” and carbohydrates became the evil food and was avoided by millions.  My thoughts at the time were that you should not ban an entire food group.  Yes, I am slimmer, more energetic and less lethargic without carbs, but I don’t avoid them.calorie counting

Last week, my “downsizing” attempt took a turn for the worst and I was 2lbs heavier!  Very disappointing after only a couple of weeks, but a 7th birthday party, 2 cakes and 2 parties certainly counted against me.  Now that I feel a little disgruntled with the whole calorie counting idea, I’ve been digging around to find out more about the 5:2 diet.

Currently, I’m sitting on the fence.  I just don’t think I like the advice of when it’s a fasting day you eat half a ready meal for lunch and the other half for supper – it makes me feel hungry just thinking about it.  That’s not much food.  However, my great pal is attempting it and has some cunning ways to make it a bit easier.  There is definitely the 5p’s (proper preparation prevents poor performance) about it and I would need to plan the fasting days carefully.  I also have my Weight Watchers experience of “fuller for longer” to help me out too.  On the plus side, it does seem easy and I would not miss the constant weighing and counting that is an every day occurrence.

If anyone has any experience or views, then I’m interested to hear them.  Until them, I’ll carry on as I am and maybe. just maybe take the leap into 5:2….

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Author: Sophie Adam

A mother of two, wife of one and a dog to complete the set. I work full time and spend my free hours making sure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is fun, chaotic, challenging and fast.. and I wouldn't change it.

2 thoughts on “5:2, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Atkins or whatever!

  1. Poached egg on toast for brekkie, ww soup for lunch and crackers, crumpet & marmite for tea and diet coke to make your tummy feel full when it isn’t! Well. That was my Monday…..500 calsx

  2. Sarah- that actually sounds pretty good to me! I’m doing the 5:2 as well- so far its going well- fingers crossed. Good luck with whatever you decide Sophie!

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