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It’s just a phase…

Ah, these few words “it’s just a phase” they sum up so much for me – children who need extra guidance (even if they don’t want it), a struggle, shouting and tears.  It almost always leaves me doubting in my parental abilities.  Although at the worst part of “a phase”, I do know from experience that we’re about to turn a corner.

My latest battleground seems to be trying to remove two traits in children I really don’t like – rudeness and being selfish/spoilt.  My children speak to me in a way I would never have dared to, to my parents.  When I say “come on let’s have breakfast” the reply is a grumpy “no” from them both as they walk off in the other direction.  If I pick up the laptop, then it’s “when can I have a go” being asked repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly).  If I ask them to help by getting out bowls, plates etc then it’s “why do I always have to do it all?” (at least this one makes me laugh!!)  My daughter is of the opinion that I know nothing and has to double check that I’ve done what I should have done; not so bad in itself, however the tone she uses is very unhelpful.

Whilst trying to get them to walk the mile to school in the snow last week, the whole process  took two hours, with all the coercing needed just to get out of the door, walking and then once at school.  I have to say that they both did really well.  However, on arrival Daughter announced that her new shoes (the ones we’d bought the evening before and were classed as “great”) suddenly did not fit.  The staff were amazing, read my rather desperate expression, or maybe it was “I’m going to get really angry” look, and led her off in the other direction!

So, the time has come for the Star Charts to re-appear.  There will be no film night, no visits to the sweet shop, no computer time nor Wii time until their behaviour improves.  I’ve not made it easy either, the targets are higher and there is a chance that film night on Friday may be missed.  I foresee tears.  My only hope is that lessons are learned and this phase is over sooner rather than later!. star-chart

Wish me luck!

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Going down

Yipeee – half a stone lighter.   There are still the days when it is harder than others, and the ones when I have to sit on my hands to avoid the temptation of tucking into the kid’s leftovers or other yummy food.  I have managed to turn down pain au chocolat, shortbread, a cream egg and leftovers; but then I’ve given in to home made chocolate brownies!!

Last time when I attempted to shed the pounds I joined Weight Watchers, and I was successful, but found that when I could no longer attend the meetings, the weight crept back on.  Something about having someone else confirm your weight every week, made me turn down the extras.  This time I’m counting calories and going it alone, with the help of a friend.  I do miss the “free foods” allowed in Weight Watchers that you don’t get with calorie counting.  However, the reason I did not rejoin Weight Watchers, was that I’d rather spend the £11 or so a month on myself, not them!calories

My philosophy is based on two main points: 1) that I won’t say no to something if I really want it.  I just adjust what else I eat during that day or the following day, or increase the exercise; and 2) I only weigh myself once a week, as my weight yo-yos daily.

Today I’d like to thank my great mate in KL, who when we skyped a few hours ago, one of her first comments was how I’d lost weight – a friend for life!

I still have a way to go, but it’s happening slowly, and I’m accepting that being (a little) older and now less active (full time desk job), that I really can’t munch away all day long!  Shame.


New direction

Help, I’m late, it’s Wednesday and I’m just joining The Monday Club with Sarah Miles


It must be something about New Year, or perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis (early of course!) but I have a definite feeling that I need a new direction.  Not my home life, I certainly would not be without Husband, Daughter, Son or Lovely Dog, but I am definitely feeling the need to fill my days with something new and exciting.

I was not a brilliant student as school, so left with a mere smattering of O Levels (as they were then), and went to do a secretarial course, which has done me proud – I’ve travelled the world and always been able to pay my way.  Unfortunately I’m a little indecisive, so when it comes to finding a new direction, I’m at a bit of a loss!  Then there’s the lifestyle to consider.  Currently I work in a school, alongside Husband, it’s a mile from home and, whilst I do go in during the holidays, I get more than the basic four weeks’ annual leave in a year.  It’s a huge amount to give up, and if I don’ really know what I want to do, maybe I’d better start counting blessings, instead of dreaming!which way

So now it is my mission to try to fathom which way to go, or really think about exactly how much I’d be giving up.


And we’re off ….

Today a new term is upon us and the joys of having relaxing family time are put on hold until the end of March.  It may be a shorter term, but more seems to be squashed into it.  Husband is busy on the very first Saturday afternoon, and has matches on every Wednesday and Saturday thereafter, and on other days too.  When planning Daughter’s 7th birthday party, the date was chosen taking into account when Husband’s fixtures are home or away!

So before the madness started, we headed out for a family day at Longleat.  In previous years, when the sun shone, we headed straight to the beach for a picnic, not bad for early January!  This time we went to Longleat to watch an outdoor performance of “The Snowman and the Dog”, which was a lovely back-drop to our lunch.  Then, much to Daughter and Son’s surprise, the Snowman appeared for hugs and a photo shoot in front of us.  After that we headed to the maze, which is not somewhere I am at all comfortable (there’s a reason I married a Geography teacher), but I’m very glad to report that we successfully found our way out again.  After a coffee for me and Husband, the playground for the children, we then thought we’d head home, but were distracted by visiting the owls, where we discovered that the last of the Owl displays was an hour later.  To fill the hour, we had a boat trip, went round the mirror maze and saw the Christmas Tree lights doing something really special.  A great day out.

Back at home and my decision to keep up with life a little better this year, has left me planning meals, setting a target of three thank you cards a night and anything else I can do to stay organised and ahead of the game – rather than a constant game of catch up.  Added to that the need to drop several of the extra pounds (weight not cash) that have crept up on me over the Christmas holidays.  So, it is with a deep breath that I find myself under “starters orders”.

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Downsizing in 2013

It’s January again, and the same old question springs to mind – should I have a New Year’s Resolution?  I have had them in the past – losing weight, being more tidy, getting fit; a lot of the usual ones, but I’ve never kept them.  Can 2013 be the year when I succeed?  I think I can, I have much better reasons for wanting to shed the excess weight this time, a friend alongside, and the knowledge that I can (because I’ve done it before).

No fads, just calorie counting, with an on-line tracter and food diary and a friend to share the good and bad days.  We both have our birthdays as our target dates and an ideal amount to lose between now and then.

For me, after two children, and working full time in a desk job, I’ve found it very difficult to get the “yummy mummy look”!!  Son now tells me regularly that “you have a “squiggy tummy Mummy”.  I have some valuable reasons to motivate me, which are, in no particular order – fed up with feeling bloated and slugglish, clothes not fitting, can’t keep up with children and am driven by the fact that I know by losing weight I’ll have more energy.

So, as from tomorrow, my aim is to be really sensible and good – no more finishing up the kids’ leftovers, snacking on breads and carbs or having that second glass of wine, which leads to more snacking.  I’ve managed to shed the pounds before and with a friend as support, I’m hopeful I won’t end up like this….