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Twelve years on


Twelve years ago, I walked up the aisle and married the man of my dreams.  Since then much has happened, most notably two children and a dog.

It all began in Salcombe in August 1999 when I was invited to friends house and upon arrival was told that I was to be set up.  The week was spent with friends coming and going, and all seemed to be going well.  There were walks, shopping, pub visits, body surfing and squeezing into borrowed wetsuits.  The holiday ended with the two of us being packed off to the pub for some “gruesome twosome” time.  We had a lovely meal and chatted away very happily, however, when “now Husband” bumped into his best mate from Uni, who was only in the UK that night, we ended up joining 14 others round a table.  It was a great evening.  This holiday was followed by snowboarding and in May 2000 we got engaged and married on 16th December that year.

St Andrew's ChurchWe wanted to get married in a Church and our wedding was the traditional white wedding, with many friends and family in attendance.  The day whizzed by and the most nerve wracking part was saying the vows from memory and not repeating the vicar.    Our friend who was due to sing, was understudy for Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables” and he was needed on stage and our trumpet player has laryngitis.  So the day was not exactly how we planned, but we had the support of many friends and family.  One of the sisters who set us up initially, wrote a beautiful poem for our engagement present, and she allowed us to use in the service, although she refused to read it – so we asked her sister!

We honeymooned in Australia and had a wonderful time with friends and family, seeing the sights and relaxing on Fraser Island.  The fireworks in Sydney Harbour for New Year were something to be remembered.  Since then we have had many amazing holidays, pre-children, and some very fun ones since.  We have done our best to celebrate all 12 anniversaries and remember why we did it, and re-connect if we have drifted over the year.

So, to my wonderful Husband – thank you for the last 12 years – here’s to very many more xx

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Author: Sophie Adam

A mother of two, wife of one and a dog to complete the set. I work full time and spend my free hours making sure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is fun, chaotic, challenging and fast.. and I wouldn't change it.

3 thoughts on “Twelve years on

  1. What a lovely post! Sounds like your friends knew you both very well – a match made in heaven :). honeymoon sounds amazing!

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