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Best laid plans…..

It’s time for me to rejoin The Monday Club with Sarah Miles.

Half term has just finished for us and we had planned a great mix of family time, child-free time and catching up with friends, leaving us a bit of time for clearing and cleaning!  However, that was not to be.

Last Saturday we went to Exeter to see Newton Faulkner (aka “ginger yeti”) in concert.  He is brilliant live, his music, his chat between songs is very entertaining and his “cover songs” really should be heard.  All this with just a voice, a guitar and kick drum.  We had a nice supper and headed up the hill to the Great Hall at Exeter Uni, to be met by the security guard saying that Newton had laryngitis and would not be performing!  A quick call to Granny confirmed that they were free on Friday, so we could come back to see him.  This would mean two child-free nights in one week – there really is a silver lining.

On Monday Husband played a bit of “catch up” at work, having missed a few days when he, Daughter and Son all got the sick bug, one day after the other.  I was feeling quite smug, until I caught it on the Tuesday and missed a family outing to “Madagascar 3”.  A quiet day for me at home.  The following day we met up with long lost friends, which was great, but only running late, when there was no enough hot water for my shower.  So three saucepans of boiling water and two kettles later, I had a very shallow bath!  We set off somewhat late and found a long traffic jam, the good news was that we were both in the traffic, so neither of us were on time!  The children had a great time and the adults chattered away and making plans.

So Friday came along, and, due to our changed arrangements, we had to fit in visits to the dentist, then I was working, Granny was running late to pick up Daughter and Son but eventually we left for Exeter.  Our next little hiccup was the heating in the car was not working, just as the coldest weekend came along.  We arrived a little chilly and once settled, headed back up the hill to the Great Hall.  All was well and the concert was amazing.  If you don’t know Newton Faulkner’s music, try this and this.

The next morning we left early, the car engine temperature was too hot (even in the very cold weather) and once we added coolant, the heating came back on as well.  On the way to pick up the children, we booked some sneaky cinema tickets to see “Skyfall”.  I think it’s the best Bond ever, with a few tricks from earlier films, lots of action, humour, chases and fights.  Definitely one to watch.

So all the to-do jobs are still there, but we’ve had fun, not missed out, but it was not the half term we were expecting!


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Bucket Head

Not much to write today, so instead I’ll share with you a photo of our Lovely Dog and her bucket head.  She has a large graze on her back leg, which needs cream, and not licked.  She is now rather miffed to be wearing a bucket head (as we call them)!

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Book Club – Chapter 7

I have just read Sworn Secret by Amanda Jennings. I loved it.  I recommended it to the Book Club after it was recommended by Sarah Miles (Hello Wall).  I started reading it and thought, oh this is a bit sad, but as I read on, I was more and more engrossed.   It is well written and full of twists and turns that ensure you don’t put the book down!  The more I read, the more I was reluctant to put it down and go to work.  The characters were interesting and very likeable, and for me, the strength of the book is the family.  Tragedy is all around, but the family unit is at the heart, through it’s faults, differences and underlying love.  It gives hope in a hopeless situation.  My friends in the book club enjoyed it, and one is expecting it to be made into an ITV drama.

Our book club was a quiet affair compared to normal, mainly because we were three down in number, and it was a dark, wet night, so more car drivers than bike ridersl!  Here’s hoping for some drier weather next time.

We were talking about our great friend that left, and who should fill her shoes (if anyone can).  We even have a waiting list to join!!  It’s mainly due to the fact that we don’t want more than 8 in the group, so that we can all fit around each others’ tables, and we don’t have a group that splits into two.

Our next book is “The Seamstress” by Maria Duenas.  It is a  story of danger, espionage, romance and war, The Seamstress is a WWII tale like no other.



BOOKS SO FAR:  “One Day” by David Nicholls; “Before I Go To Sleep” by S J Watson; “Ship of Brides” by Jojo Moyes; “Vanishing Point” by Danielle Ramsay; “Fifty Shades of Grey” by E L James; “Unaccustomed Earth” by Jhumpa Lahiri and “Sworn Secret” by Amanda Jennings.


Poor little chap

I know I am a day late for The Monday Club with Sarah Miles at Hello Wall, but better late than never.

I am currently at home with a not very well little boy.  Whenever he gets a snuffly cold, it always leads of much sniffing (yuck), then lots and lots of coughing until he throws up the “gunk” (for want of another word) (lovely!).  The lack of sleep and the sickness mean he can not go to school and is then at home.  He seems to get a bit of asthma when this happens and the “puffer” comes into use.  So as I write, there is one very washed out, tired, coughing little person, and having only just given him his puffer, he still seems to be struggling with his breathing.  His chest and shoulders have to work quite hard.  A close eye is needed and I am going to have to make plans for someone to be with him tomorrow, as I will struggle to get more time off work.  I will not dwell on working mother’s guilt, as that’s a whole new blog for another day.

So, I can not stay long, and must go for endless cuddles….  more next week.


The Monday Club – my weekend

Well, it’s Monday and it time to join The Monday Club, with Sarah Miles from Hello Wall.

themondayclubWe had an exeat weekend – no Saturday school – yipeee.  Our weekend started with film night on a Friday, where we stop living by the clock, and once home, don our PJs and sit in front of a film.  With me working full time and 6 year old Daughter in Year 2 and 4 year old Son in Reception, Husband working long days in a school, it’s good to stop sometimes.

Anyway, as it was a special weekend, when we were all together for the entire weekend, we made the most of it.  Saturday morning was Jazzercise in the Village Hall, especially fun for Daughter who wants to be a Strictly Dancer when she grows up, and this seems to be first step.  In the afternoon, after cookie making and clearing up, Daughter’s Godmother came for a visit, which was great fun.  She works in London and is always happy to return to the fresh country air!!  On Sunday we decided to go Ten Pin Bowling, one lane for the younger ones with side barriers up and launcher at the ready, and a second lane for the adults.  We had two games and both Daughter and Son beat Daddy and Mummy in the second game.  They were very pleased.  I love bowling, but am terrible at it.  Husband coaches me every time, but I fear I am an awful pupil.  I found the side gutters very successfully, even in quick succession!  Lunch followed at Pizza Hut and as we drove home, two very tired boys slept, and the girls giggled.  Us adults put the world to rights and ironed out the problems and irritants of the workplace!  Once home we had a visit from the Grandparents who have just returned from Switzerland.

Now it is back to the busy working days, and I even get to go to work this Saturday (boo hiss).