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Three in a row

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Well, they say everything goes in threes, and for Husband that has proved to be very true.  Last weekend we went camping and we duly wrote the list of things we would need to take, however as we always leave something behind, I double checked with him before we headed off.  When the tent was up and we were unpacking the “kitchen” etc, he said “you know I said we hadn’t forgotten something……” “yes” says me “well I forgot our sleeping bags, just ours, not the children’s”.  We had a picnic rug to share, which did not really suffice and it was a cold night.  I almost sent him home to get them in the early hours.  However, he did the following day.

When it was time to pack up, I reminded him to check all the pockets in the tent, especially Daughter, who is a squirrel.  Once all packed, I left him to fit everything back into the car, and he asked where the car keys were.  As I had unlocked the car earlier, I was suddenly very worried – I’m not always the best person to leave in charge of the keys! Luckily I had my set, so we headed off home, knowing they in the car somewhere.  Then he realised that his phone was nowhere – which is quite unusual.  We decided that his keys and phone had to be together, and when he received a call, through the car phone system, we knew his phone was definitely in the car somewhere.  So back home I rang his phone and the tent “answered”.  It was in one of the tent pockets (with his keys).  So we unpacked the tent, found the keys and phone and then repacked it all.  It could have been worse, if I did not have my spare set, we would have had to unpack the car and then the tent whilst still at the campsite!

And for his third and final “ooops” moment, he decided to use a slicer to cut sausages very thinly for an omelet supper.  I had just bought a slicer….. and was watched carefully by two great friends the first time I used it – one of them had sliced three of her fingers using one.  Husband, however, thought he’d try out a new gadget and, I’m sure that you can guess what happened…..  “ouch, I’ve taken the top off my finger”.  After a couple of ineffectual dressings at home, we headed to the surgery for a more professional seaweed dressing, which did stop the bleeding.  We were very amused that the doctor greeted him by saying “oh I’m squeamish”!

So, I think that’s his three in a row and hopefully nothing else will be coming his way.  Meanwhile he is nursing a very sore finger (or a “poor paw” as we say in our house).


Author: Sophie Adam

A mother of two, wife of one and a dog to complete the set. I work full time and spend my free hours making sure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is fun, chaotic, challenging and fast.. and I wouldn't change it.

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