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Fond farewell


It’s Wednesday, it’s a witter and today it’s a Weepy Wednesday Witter as part of Sarah Miles’ linky at Hello Wall.  I have just waved off one of my greatest friends and her family as they head off to Kuala Lumpur on an adventure.  She and her husband have both got teaching jobs out there.

They have stayed with us for the last two nights and that’s been brilliant, we had a wonderful time including a night bike ride and coffee and croissants in the village shop.  All the children get on really well and we will miss them – terribly.  Their home has always been our second home, they are our extended family.

Husband is taking them to the airport, but I can not cope with nearly two hours in a minibus, knowing that at the end is “goodbye, good luck and stay in touch”.  So I’ve stayed with the children at home and we waved from the doorstep, not that I could see too well, as the tears streamed down my face.  She has been my life-line over the years…  as a friend, confider, and keeping me sane; as well as a second mother to our children.  We will miss them all so much, and I’m feeling very lost right now.

They have a fantastic experience awaiting them and I have to admit to be quite jealous too. They have decided to leave these shores to gain a better quality of life.   His job does not include weekends, so they will have a much greater amount of family time, having a maid is “the norm” and so she will be able to work full time as well, giving them more money, and local flights will be cheap, so they can explore and travel.

I wish them the best of luck and will be counting down the days until they return next summer!  Bon voyage my amazing friends.


Author: Sophie Adam

A mother of two, wife of one and a dog to complete the set. I work full time and spend my free hours making sure school bags are packed, birthdays remembered and bills paid. My life is fun, chaotic, challenging and fast.. and I wouldn't change it.

6 thoughts on “Fond farewell

  1. I am welling up just reading this. Big hugs to you – I know how much you’ll miss them.

    I think it would be rude not to visit them next year…..;)


  2. I think we’re looking at a mere £3,000 for us all – and anyway they are back next summer.

  3. im with sarah, a must to visit them 🙂

  4. OMG! You have completely reduced me to tears. Missing you more than you can imagine but loving KL. We will be back next year but I must say, so far, if you can save up, this place is fantastic. Sending you big hugsxxxxxxxxxxx

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