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From suits to cardigans

I asked Husband the other day when did I stop wearing suits and heals to work at my (fairly) high-powered job and start wearing cardigans and flatter shoes?  He said it was the same time as I started baking!!  I blame children, of course.  They have taken away my figure, my time and my sleep.

I used to have two holidays a year, in May and October, and did crazy things like climbing Kilimanjaro, going on safari, windsurfing, camping in Iceland and Greenland and following the Tour de France (in a car, not on a bike). But would I like to go back to “the good old days” – no.  Really, no.

I have a wonderful family, who, whilst I struggle with the lack of time and constant logistics, a smattering of tantrums and some squabbles, I could not do without them.  Also I have made some great friends who’ve I met since having, and because of, the children.

“The good days” for me, were great fun, free and spontaneous, and whilst I can’t claim all those still exist, I have a much healthier focal point – the family.  It’s no longer all about the job, and no more calls from The Chairman on a Sunday evening at home (thankfully a rarity then, but it did happen). Now I have a few days when I’m “on call” and the work mobile might need a bit of attention, and although I don’t look forward to these, they are balanced by the holidays, which are better than most.  I love holiday time, mostly because it’s family time.  We have a chance to be together, without the pressures of the clock.  We try to make the most of where we live, camp sites, beaches and fun places to visit are all within the hour.

So, it seems the cardigans are the way forward…



Carbs – still hanging around me

My “step away from the carbs” is not working.  So another Monday, another new week and another new start – I really must try harder. It’s so silly when I know what to do, what not to eat, and how to shed the excess, but I just don’t stick to it!!

Now, where did I put my willpower? It must be here somewhere …….

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Children’s parties

Another weekend, another children’s party.  They certainly have a better social life than Husband and I.  Daughter loves them, Son takes a while to get going, and I relish the chance to catch up with my friends.

Yesterday’s was no exception – Daughter, although a bit worried about how many of her friends would be there, still disappeared after a few moments, whilst Son went shy and stuck to me.  The entertainment, a magician, was great, and had all the children giggling away at his tricks.  Son, who does not cope well arriving at parties after everyone else, found it too noisy (although it takes one to know one).  After 30 mins I detach myself from him and after another 3o mins, I was allowed out of sight.  Even after a slow start they had a lovely time, and the parents of the birthday girl certainly know how to through a party.  They are always calm, fun and usually in excess of 20 children.  Brilliant.  The children came home, with a pink bag for Daughter and a foam sword for Son – both incredibly happy and totally shattered.

With birthdays in November and January, I have some time to plan…. (and attempt to put off).


Another week

Well, it’s Friday film night again, and I’m sure it was not that long since the last one.  The week has been more eventful that I would wished.  Daughter has needed more of my time, and it’s taken me too long to cotton on to this.  She was mucking around at school and making sure that she “pushed all the buttons” as far as I was concerned, when all she really wanted was Mummy time.  I had slipped into “accidental parenting” and dealt with Son first because he made more noise and was more demanding – and this happened every time.  She is a very capable girl and my expectations can be too high.  I forget she is only 6 and sometimes needs help with the little things in life, particularly from Mummy.  So I am guilty as charged, and have had a very honest look at the way I do things.

Husband found this:

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what.  If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.”  Catherine M Wallace.

How true.

So I have made some instant changes to our busy, fast, crazy lifestyle, which are all about spending more time with children, listening to them more and most importantly having more fun with them.  I just hope my new changes will survive the test of time.  Of course only time will tell.


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Step away from the carbs..

So why is it that I know I should not to eat too many carbs because it makes me feel bloated and lethargic?  Yet when I’m tired and/or stressed, I head straight for them?  I’m not a fan of diets, but managed to do well with Weight Watchers just over a year ago.  Now that I’m working full time and sit at a desk all day, the carbo-loading can not continue!

With two small children the exercise classes at 6pm are just not an option and going to the gym with Husband morphed into going to the pub, not quite the right idea, but more fun!  Husband walks the dog most days, so I don’t even do that.  My only bit of regular exercise (that I’m willing to discuss at any rate) is adult improver swimming lessons once a week, and as all the others in the class are training for Triathlons, it is certainly a work-out.  The trouble is swimming makes me hungry!  Also it’s at 8.15pm, when, quite frankly, the sofa is much more appealing particularly if there is wine in the fridge.

So, tonight, the packet of crisps have been hidden in the cupboard and the edges of the pizza, that the children refuse to eat, went straight in the bin.  Today is a good day, but will that willpower disappear tomorrow, or will it hang around long enough to make a difference?  Only time will tell.

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I did it!

I uploaded my old blog (My Time) into this one!  I am feeling VERY smug.

11 years ago I married a techie and since then I have not needed to know how to do anything techie – I just ask him!  However, I was very keen to upload my previous posts from Blogger, and did not want to wait,so I read the help sections in both Blogger and WordPress and had a go.  It worked!!! I’m amazed.

Happy Monday.

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A day out

We have just returned from Alice Holt Forest, near Farnham in Surrey.  It is half way between us and great friends, and luckily the weather was on our side.  So armed with children, dog, bike/scooter and us, we left home this morning and followed the satnav to Alice Holt.

On arrival and finding our friends,  we started in the playground, Son a little clingy, but soon ran off with his best mate.  The four bigger children were all in Gap tops (does that say something about us?), so they were easy to spot.  After our picnic lunch we decided to go along the red trail – Easy Access Trail.  However, before we had started our red trail, Son fell off his scooter after hitting a bump.  If only we (adults) had thought about it, we would have taken his bike,  not his scooter, as the terrain was not scooter-friendly.  Ho hum… next time.  As I am not a geographer (that’s why I married one), I have no idea if we stuck to the trail, or got waylaid onto another one, I just followed everyone else.  At the bottom of a small hill was Son’s second tumble of the day, and luckily there was no lasting damage.  He did ask me if he was “Mr Whoops” from “Grandpa in my pocket”, and today, I think he was.

After our walk we found some ice creams and cups of tea, which kept spirits up all round.  Then it was, sadly, time to go in our separate ways.  A great day for children, dogs and grown ups alike, and one which we’d love to do again.

Now back at home and down to earth with a bump, it’s time to book a Tesco delivery for tomorrow.  I am sure most people reading this will agree that supermarkets and small children are best not mixed, but that’s another blog…


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The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip horay.  Well it’s 9am and we have had four calls to do “stuff” with friends – visit the airfield, walk the dog, go for a kid’s bike ride and a playdate this afternoon for Daughter.  The whole world is ready to venture outside.  Loving it.

Tomorrow we’re off to meet best friends – can’t wait…

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It’s Friday, it’s film night.  With two excited and tired children in the car, I let slip that I had three new films – Barbie and The Mermaid Tail 2, a DVD and also Lion King 2 and Lion King 3, which were recorded from Sky.  So pjs on, Lion King 3 chosen, and the excitement mounting, I decided to line up the film and discovered that I’d recorded it from an HD channel – an option we don’t have – which basically means it did not record.  A bit ooops. Son, who has been ill this week and is very tired… melted down.  It wasn’t pretty.  I am now on a mission to find copies of these films.

Success – they are coming up on the Disney Cine Channel in the next couple of weeks, so I’ve made a diary note to record them, and the non-HD version this time.

Note to self.. don’t make this mistake again.


Now it’s our turn

Well, the sick bug has been doing the rounds, and now Son has it.  We got to school and he said “My tummy hurts – really”, so I thought I’d get Daughter into school and then see how he really is.  However it was not to be and he was sick in the car park, at drop off time.  Oh dear.  Daughter’s teacher came to my rescue, helped clear up and took Daughter into school.  I’m now at home with Son, who seems to be munching through bread and honey and drinking water.  Only time will tell….

The silver lining is that I can spend some time on WordPress.  I’m not sure I understand much of it, but maybe I’ll get some time today (should be doing chores and admin…) and try to understand a bit more of it.